New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo: Bending Time + Love 

August 2018

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Today marks a new moon solar eclipse in Leo, part three of our current eclipse season story. If you have Leo or Aquarius prominently in your chart, you’ve most likely been feeling it. There is much talk about what an eclipse may or may not do, or for that matter what any planetary influence may or may not do. I have heard many things about eclipses, they are good, they are bad, you must go out and observe, you must stay in and not observe, portentous, auspicious, omen and other…
But today I would like to talk about eclipses as portals—openings that give us a chance to (forgive me for waxing Aquarian) bend time. Eclipses offer us a chance to make potent changes, put things to rest, let go or recommit.
Last lunar eclipse this portal opened for me and I returned to a younger self, who sat, frozen at a window in a hospital waiting room in Taipei, Taiwan. That girl I once was didn’t have the answers she needed at that time. She didn’t know how to move forward. She was experiencing a loss of direction, religion, and self-identity all at once. She was struggling with the person she thought she was, and didn’t understand that the person who was emerging was so much more real, and authentic. It didn’t feel like that then though. It felt like loss, pain and isolation.
I found that bend in time, went back to her sitting there. I told her that what she had experienced in Taiwan those years ago, was a road ending, a place where she had to grow or die, grow out of old thought patterns, religious upbringing, old ways of doing things. But this was very painful. She didn’t understand how intense growing pains could be. During the eclipse I found her, brought all the love I could muster, shared with her how things were now. That she could leave from that place.
We walked out of that hospital waiting room together—she from the past, me from the present. We shared a moment of light. She blinked and squinted in the warm sun. Surprisingly though, as we made our away out into the light of the day, it was clear she needed to sufficiently die. Needed to have a chance to finally let go. So I let her. Witnessed her disintegration. But she left something behind. A diamond. A remnant of carbon that symbolized OUR catharsis, our shared crucible. And the diamond I brought back to the present.
While I write this I know each one of us have had our transformational moments. I know each one of you know that moment in time, when you were changing and it felt hard. This eclipse has me extending a hand of love, comfort and non-judgment to each of you in the moments you had to muster the love you needed to move through painful or lonely times. Is there a past you that still needs your love? Is there a part of you that you have continued to shun? Is there a part of you that you need to welcome back? Is there a part of you that needs to die with grace and love as part of the cycle of death and rebirth? 
Tonight I encourage you to build intention around the eclipse. Be gentle please. Work with your ego. See if you can identify your fears. See if you can work with your ego in a more symbiotic fashion. See if you can deliver a small integration back to yourself and by all means do the WHOLE thing with love. In fact consider your whole intention to be the augmentation of love.
Pull out your journal. Prick your finger, draw blood (okay here I am kidding but seriously folks), and write with these prompts in mind.
 Journaling Prompts:

  1. Is there a past part of you that needs healing? What do you want to say to that person now?
  2. What is your relationship to your ego? 
  3. What does the giving and receiving of love mean to you? How do you recognize giving love? How do you know when you are loved?
  4. What part of you are you ready to let go of?
  5. What is your new story? Write chapter one of a new wave of self-confidence that has come to you.