Photo Courtesy of  HJ Photography

Photo Courtesy of HJ Photography


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1.  Natal Birth Chart Consultation: 1 Session (90 Minutes): This is a foundational session and a complete journey through your Natal Birth Chart. The Natal Birth Chart is a picture of the solar system on the day that you were born. Embedded within each chart is a primer for furthering, clarifying and understanding your unique life path. If you value the work of self-analysis, the Natal Birth Chart is a boundless resource. As we seek to understand ourselves and why we do what we do it is a comfort to find maps and markers that help us along the way. The Natal Birth Chart is just such an extraordinary map. This session is recorded and has no shelf life. You will leave this consultation with a through understanding of your Natal Birth Chart. 

2. Natal Birth Chart Consultation: 3 (One Hour) Sessions: There is so much information packed into a Natal Birth Chart.  One session is often not enough time to fully digest the information we find there. In this 3-part session we spend the time necessary to not only acquire, but assimilate the information held within our charts.  We allow time for active questions and conversations that garner a more in-depth analysis of ourselves through the mining of our charts. Some life-coaching is involved with this consultation. 

3. Natal Birth Chart Consultation: 1 Session (60 Minutes): Many of us know astrology from the daily or weekly horoscope we read, maybe even religiously. Our sun signs are literally the very tip of the iceberg when speaking of what lies within our Natal Birth Chart. This session is designed to get your feet wet and introduce you to more than your sun sign! We will explore your astrological signature: Sun (core identity), Moon (emotional landscape), Rising Sign (persona) and the Lunar Nodes (past and future direction/purpose). This session will focus on the core of your chart as a diving board into further self-analysis. A shorter session that packs a punch.  

4. Transit Chart Consultation:  A transit chart consultation begins with this question: what’s happening in my life right now? This session includes a unique blend of personal life coaching and astrology. Timing is an art. Through the overlay of the transiting planets upon our birth charts we can spend more time on areas of our lives that feel urgent, highlighted or that call for our attention. This type of session is particularly good for life transitions. You need to have some understanding of your Natal Chart to book a Transit session. 

5.  Solar Return Chart Consultation: (90 Minutes): Every year the Sun makes it way around our Natal Birth Chart landing in its home court on our birthday. This is prime time to set new goals for the new year, and to reflect on the year just passed. The Solar Return chart is calculated at the same moment the Sun returns to its natal position and looks much like a Natal Birth Chart. We can see the coming year reflected in this chart.  

6.  AstroCartoGraphy Consultation: (75 Minutes): Where should I vacation? Where should I  move? Why do some area's of the world call me? When we overlay our Natal Birth Charts onto a map of the world we can see the unique planetary influence certain countries or states hold for us. A great session for travelers who not only want to see where to go next but are curious about why they've spent time in certain areas of the world. Literally speaking, this is astrology and a map merged! It's pretty cool!

7.   Combined Chart Consultation: Relationships are at the heart of all our curiosities. How do I match up with a partner, friend, parent or child?  The composite chart is the chart of the relationship itself. The third party in our partnerships. Learning about the dynamics of our partnerships can be very useful!

8.  Creativity Coaching + Astrology: Ever thought about casting a chart for a fictional character? Do you need help with a creative project? Do you need to hone your creative vision? I specialize in work around the creative process. I love working with artists and writers who need help crossing the proverbial finish line of their creations. To make an idea a thing is hard labor. I help as midwife to your ideas. 

9. Personal Life Coaching: Do you need to bounce an idea off someone who is a neutral party? Do you have an inquiry or feel stuck or at an impasse in an area of your life? Do you need a sounding board? Through personalized coaching sessions we will use the modes of goal setting, active listening and poignant question-asking to help you evolve. A single potent conversation can bring shifts. Consider also signing up for a package of three or more sessions for a deeper inquiry.  

10. Monthly Membership: This feature allows you to "check in" on a monthly basis with your goals and personal developments. Using both coaching and astrology you have the chance to see real work and transformation on a longer term basis. 

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