Writing Down the Stars: Ritual and Writing in the Desert
to Nov 6

Writing Down the Stars: Ritual and Writing in the Desert


With Shari Zollinger, Astrologer and Poet

& Sherene Vismaya, Astrologer and Jungian Analyst

Join us in the mystical Mars-like vortex of the Red Rocks of Moab, Utah.

The desert has always been a symbol of transformation and prime territory for looking at our own internal landscapes. Shari and Sherene are excited to offer a retreat that pairs writing and ritual in this amazing landscape with the intent of writing our way back to ourselves.


Red Cliffs lodge is about 25 minutes outside of Moab city right along the infamous and stunning Colorado River. Each one of the rooms has a small kitchenette. There’s also a pool, hot tub and workout room, plus a restaurant that opens for breakfast and dinner.



Opening Ceremony

Jungian Journaling + Creative Writing kind of like “Red Book” meets Rilke.

Oracle Deck of Writing Prompts (Come prepared to write!) We will take advantage of the writers, muses, and poets we love to juice up the writing process.

Love Letters to Ourselves

Desert Writing and Walking Excursions: Dead Horse Point and Arches National Park

Star Gazing

Dialoguing with Landscape

Dialoguing with the Unconscious

Writing Dreams

Opportunities for private sessions with Shari and Sherene





$300 ($397 DUE BY NOVEMBER 1ST)

Discounted rates at Red Cliffs Lodge for cozy, rustic cabins with all the amens, swimming pool, hot tub and workout room. They have refrigerators and little kitchens, so you can bring your own food.

Shari Zollinger is a modern-day nomad who recently landed in the wild west outpost of Moab, Utah. She is a book enthusiast, a published poet and fluent in the symbolic and archetypal language of astrology. Her passion for language and poetics puts her in the unique position of translating astrology’s ancient language for the contemporary psyche. Her clients are deeply artistic, insatiably bookish, wordsmiths of the highest order, and willing to take on the gorgeous challenge of deep self-work. Shari has a thriving astrology practice and continues to write her way into poems.

Sherene Schostak, M.A. is a Jungian Analyst and astrologer in private practice for the past eighteen years. She specializes in depression, anxiety, creative blocks, life transitions, eating disorders, and relationships. She is the author of several books including: Speculation Now; Transpersonal Astrology: Explorations at the Frontier; & Surviving Saturn’s Return (McGrawHill). She holds a Master’s Degree from New York University in Clinical Psychology, a Masters in Developmental Psychology from Pace University and advanced graduate work in psychoanalytic studies from The New School and The Jungian Institute, ISAP, Zurich. She is currently based in San Francisco but teaches workshops internationally.

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Self Love Retrospective: Journaling Through Venus Retrograde
to Apr 14

Self Love Retrospective: Journaling Through Venus Retrograde

Self Love Retrospective: A Six-Week Guided Journaling Course Through Venus Retrograde. 

March 6 - April 14, 2017 (Very short notice!)

Price: Option A: $45.00 and Option B: $145.00
Make payment here: http://www.sharizollinger.com/new-products/

When we embark on a retrograde period we are entering a time of retrospect, retrieval and return. During Venus Retrograde 2017 will be working with the Zodiac signs of Aries and Pisces and with themes of love, relationships, value and balance. During this 6-week exploration we will be in tune with both the personal and transpersonal self while juicing up our writing with questions that include: What is my story now and then? What does it look like to return to self? Who or what do I need to forgive so that I can go forward braver, stronger and with more self-confidence? What healing modality do I want to enhance as part and parcel of my future spritual practice?  

Please join me on this retrograde-wide exploration of these themes! I would be so happy to have you join!

Tools: Chart. Pen. Journal. Curious Mind. 

Offer Includes:

Option A: 

• Your personal chart if you don’t already have it. 
• Monday morning emails from me with writing prompts, questions, inspirations, meditations and tools to engage with your chart. 
• Private Facebook Group for daily posting, questions and answers, and sharing as a group. (This is optional if you don't use FB).  
• Open email access during this Venus Retrograde. You can email me with questions and inspriations in relationship to your discoveries.  

Option B: 

• Everything in option A.
• 1-hour private session by phone or in person to bring more awareness to this period of time. (Good option for those with strong Aries or Pisces).  

Week one: Venus in our Natal Birth Charts. Our essential stories.  

Week two: Venus meets Mercury: Writing down our stories of love and self. Memoir in a paragraph. 

Week three: Venus meets the Moon: Emotional Landscape. Where are we held back. Where we get to be brave. 

Week four: Venus meets Pisces; Retrieval. Sensitive period. Rich soil for forgiveness and healing. What healing needs to take place in this memoir of self?  

Week five: Venus meets Chiron: The Wounded Healer: A week for healing. Exploration of modalities. Healing the memoir. 

Week six: Venus meets Herself: Emerging, stronger, with healing and ready to move forward.

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Astrology and Art: Creativity and Your Chart
to Feb 11

Astrology and Art: Creativity and Your Chart

Friday, Feb. 10th • 6pm - 9pm & Saturday, Feb 11th • 10am - 5pm

Join Shari Zollinger (Moab-based Astrologer) and Meg Stewart (MARC Director) as they co-teach this two-day workshop to take you on a creative journey through your astrological chart. Explore themes in astrology while applying your findings to create a hanging art piece (mobile, wall-hanging or tassled talisman) to honor yourself and the important illuminations you find through your chart. Bring your own beads, knickknacks, feathers, nature objects and favorite trinkets to hang on this symbolic creation, or use supplies provided. Friday night potluck please bring something to share, Saturday bring a lunch for yourself. Space is limited!

Please invite your friends!

Register here https://goo.gl/forms/t4W1nLGCnF1ZP5Qm2 by Tuesday, February 7th. Astrological Chart provided! We will need your Full Name, Birth Date, Birth Time & Birth Place to prepare your chart for class. (If you do not know your birth time, you can still participate!) 

$50.00--2 Day Workshop. Scholarships available. 
Astrological Chart and Supplies included!

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