It would not be possible to speak highly enough of my experience working with Shari. She transformed astrology for me from something that I was mildly skeptical about to a field that I now see as a profound map, a constantly shifting diagram of our unique and cosmic bodies. Each of us has an energetic time signature and Shari has an incredible ability to read this information in a way that is astute and sensitive while rooting one’s current experience into a larger framework. She approaches a chart as a collaborative roadmap to deeper self-understanding and growth. I left our sessions feeling inspired, energized, and understood. I felt able to move forward in my life with a greater sense of clarity and focus about my gifts, my challenges, and with a greater sense of purpose. I loved being able to locate so many of my experiences into larger patterns that felt resonant and true. Shari helped me access a very personal and dynamic planetary energetics. She has a real gift.
— Kate, Los Angeles, CA
You’ve done an excellent job helping ME to see clearly what I already was experiencing AND in giving me permission to follow my path forward that I was feeling was the right direction, but completely fearful of trusting. That blows my mind!! That proves to me more than anything else that there is validity to this tool, and a good technically talented and intuitive expert in this tool can really help me see the forest for the trees.
— Nicolle, Washington
If you are longing for a more profound experience of life and of love, Shari Zollinger is the perfect guide. Her poetic and deeply thoughtful readings draw light into the inner reaches of your heart. You will be blessed by the magnificent journey Shari offers.
— Christine, Broomfield, CO
Shari is the real deal. We have had readings with her for not only our own lives but we have had them for our beautiful daughter as well. Very professional, very to the point, very logical. When most people think of astrology they think of it as a novelty when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. The entire Universe is comprised of energy and our Solar System is no different, when certain planets rotate, twist and go into certain trajectory on a fundamental level it changes the energy here on earth. Truly fascinating every time we get on a conference call with Shari, she is our quantum telescope into the universe of emotions, she simply explains the relationship between our Universe and Us as humans. If you desire the very best for you and your family then look no further, you are in very good hands with Shari, she is Quantum!
— Michael, Norway
To experience Shari’s presence on any level is to live momentarily in this perfect alchemy of deeply magical intuition and earth-grounded practicality. She seems to experience life and the world from the standpoint of a philosophical and very compassionate observer and she integrates this existential knowledge of humanity with an uncanny ability to draw personal truth for each individual seemingly out of thin air. Add to all this an extensively researched understanding of the history and mechanics of astrology and her services are unmatched in expertise and relevance. She is a gifted being and I highly recommend her as an astrologer, as a guide, as a personal advisor and as a friend.
— Jenevieve, Salt Lake City, UT
A reading with Shari leaves you feeling empowered and encouraged; peaceful and strong. She expertly delivers her insights in a manner that presents each challenge as an opportunity in a larger context. Her guidance reflects her distinct gifts of knowledge, empathy, and wit. Be ready to feel transformed!

Shari, you are a beautiful soul, an amazing communicator, and a feast of positivity. Your ability to communicate confusing or challenging traits in a way that leaves the recipient feeling light and strong is unmatched in anyone else I have met.
— Emily, Moab, UT
I have chills when I think of the two readings Shari has done for me. They were exactly what I needed each time, confirmations of some realizations that I had been coming to. She is good at what she does, thorough, intuitive, and perceptive.

My first reading from her, the Natal Chart, gave me a better understanding of how my past experiences create my present. It created light and healing by helping me to let go of the limiting beliefs that were holding me back.

In the second reading, a Transit Chart, Shari advised me to try something new with my writing, and to move forward with my true career. Since that time (February 2015), my poetry has thrived and I have received high honors for my lifelong career as a poet. The stars have lined up, literally, for me, thanks to Shari.
— Star, Logan, UT
Working with Shari feels a bit like working with my own conscience come alive. She has a way of articulating the reflection of my life experience with the stars that is easy to understand, incredibly thorough, insightful, supportive and clarifying. She is truly a skilled artist at integrating the language of the stars with a language we can understand and incorporate into our everyday lives. Thank you, Shari, for all of your help!
— Sarah, Moab, UT
Shari - This was the most amazing experience of my life. I can not thank you enough for your time. You are an amazing soul and I look forward to the rest of my life! Thank you Thank you!!!
— James, San Diego, CA
Whenever I’ve had a opportunity to work with Shari an intriguing magical experience is not far behind. As a writer one of my processes with each character is finding their birthday. Searching zodiacs, times and places I have found each of my characters birthdays. My characters have been created symbolically and unveil themselves in a beautifully exquisite way. Shari always encourages me to trust my gut and intuition. The process is like opening a present and my characters are inside. They become so incredibly clear in my heart and mind; that I weep, laugh, and gasp in surprise. Fates exquisitely intertwined!
— Michelle, Logan, UT
I have received a number of chart readings over the years from several astrologers. The reading I received from Shari this spring was by far the most enlightening and inspiring. She has a delightful manner that put me at ease immediately. She emanated a genuine appreciation for me and my chart. I could sense the depth of her understanding of astrology as well as the joy she experiences with her work. I highly recommend her to everyone interested in expanding their understanding of themselves and astrology.
— Chelsey, Moab, UT
Shari’s work is outstanding. Her understanding and expertise of the cosmos and their reflection in our personal lives is a transformational experience. She is so easy to talk to and makes you feel instantly comfortable. She never places her own personal beliefs or judgements into the readings. I truly appreciate the space she holds from an objective standpoint to relay the message of the stars to my own life. She has sparked a life-long connection for me to the moon and the planets. I am so grateful for this return to the relationship of that which I am born from.
— Anna, San Diego, CA