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Nov 19 - November 25, 2018


The North Node in Cancer/South Node in Capricorn 2018 - 2020
When I give an astrological consultation or reading, most of my clients are introduced to their North and South Nodes. I tell them a little about what the Nodes are and why they are important to our charts. This last week the North Node dropped into Cancer in turn shifting the South Node into Capricorn. The North and South Nodes are points in space where the Moons orbit crosses the apparent path of the sun around the earth or what we call the ecliptic. The Nodes are literal mathematical points where eclipses occur, generally in two seasons per year.
Remember the interpretation? The North Node generally tells us where we are going and the South Node where we’ve come from? Perhaps it can be explained this way, South Node as the soul pattern of the lunar past and the North Node as the solar present and the blueprints for the souls potential.
The South Node in Capricorn collectively has everyone thinking that they have to work A LOT harder than they actually need to. We want to schedule the hell out of our lives, literally! We know that if we just DO, DO, DO we will finish and feel accomplished. This makes me tired even writing about it.
What we are not considering is the soul potential of the North Node in Cancer. For all our managers, builders and business folks, this word is not going to make you happy, but here it goes. It is time to listen. Yep, did you hear it? I will say it again. It is time to listen—to ourselves, to our friends, to the grocery store clerk, to our children, to our community, to our partners. Whew! Over and over again this week I have told my clients to look to their gut for answers. It is less about what I must do, and more about what I need to hear from a more subtle and soft place.  Intuition is all about the North Node in Cancer. What does it mean to listen, really listen to your intuition? I view intuition as yes, originating from the gut, and providing a much larger set of eyes than our conscious minds can muster. If we are in tandem and listening to that voice we find ourselves coming into a purer resonation with our own lives. How do we strengthen our inner knowing? Minda Zetling in the Geek Gap helped me find a pretty good list: 

  1. Listen to Your Gut: This literally means that sometime during the day you listen and trust that small voice inside that helps you make decisions. 

  2. Observe Your Energy Levels: Do you feel drained when you are around someone or while doing something? This is usually sign that you are not listening to yourself. 

  3. Capture Your Flashes: Listen more to the flashes of insight and knowing that come to you every day. 

  4. Meditate: Make a goal of mediation each day with intention of listening more closely to your own voice. 

 Books referenced in Horoscopes!
Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera
The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz
The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck, Kim Krans



November 19 - November 25, 2018
Aries or Aries Rising: March 21– April 19 
A yearning for home has you in contemplation this week Aries. This is not necessarily a yearning for a physical home but more importantly a spiritual home. What would it feel like to be exactly where you wish to be this week Aries, with the metaphorical down comforter tucked around your heart and something really juicy crooning from the radio and a smile that translates as belonging.
Taurus or Taurus Rising: April 20 – May 20
The potential for your empathy is so potent this week Taurus that you may have to take some down time, an hour of retreat. Milan Kundera speaks of compassion and empathy this way: for there is nothing heavier than compassion. Not even one's own pain weighs so heavy as the pain one feels with someone, for someone, a pain intensified by the imagination and prolonged by a hundred echoes. Give yourself a wide berth this week Taurus. Your spirit is growing. 
 Gemini or Gemini Rising: May 21 – June 21
How do you define the difference between your work and your calling Gemini? Are you currently working at a job that deepens your purpose? This week may have you asking this important question and mining the answers for a chance at converging your passions with the way you make your money. Look at past programming and wounding as you leap into a fullness directed toward your life’s work.
 Cancer or Cancer Rising: June 22 – July 22
The word intuition although written about plenty, still asks to be defined by each individual based on their situation. If there is indeed a part of yourself that can see more broadly and that can help you see around a blind corner, why haven’t you been using it? This week your challenge is to rub off the dust of your intuitive voice and ask it what it wants to say. 
Leo or Leo Rising: July 23 – August 22
Have you been blushing more than normal Leo? Generally with your solar flare nature, you rock the world with your light and extroverted personality, but this week, talk about taking everything personally! You know that one agreement that Don Miguel Ruiz talks about, the one that says NOT to take anything personally? Well, this advice is yours in spades for the week. Spend your time at home, with the chance to refill, and strengthen that lovely heart of yours. 
 Virgo or Virgo Rising: August 23 – September 22
I drew the Empress out of the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck for you this week Virgo. Kim Krans defines this card as the mother or goddess. Her energy encompasses all that is warm, fertile, creative and sensual in the world.This card points to the side of yourself that wants to love more. You have many examples of love in your life. Which ones show you the kind of love you best wish to explore?
 Libra or Libra Rising: September 23 – October 22
Remember the flowers of Georgia O’Keeffe? She says this: Nobody sees a flower really, it is so small it takes time, we haven’t time and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time. It couldn’t be better time for you this week Libra to see differently, to see more clearly, to redirect your values toward a deeper more fulfilling path. Get out a canvas, pour some paint, and observe until your being transforms. 
 Scorpio or Scorpio Rising: October 23 – November 21
What is creativity? How do you define it? Do you think that the creative act is only reserved for the likes of Vincent Van Gogh? Your challenge this week Scorpio is to redefine your relationship to this multifaceted word. Webster’s says it includes use of imagination or original ideas. What kind of magic can you make if your imagination opened a few of those shackles holding it down.
Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising: November 22 – December 21
Freddie Mercury of the band Queen knew he was born to something important in the world. He had a crazy versatile voice, and he sang from the heart. Freddie is your patron saint this week Sagittarius as you march up to the borderlands of your passion and say hello. What were born to do?  This week take a good look at the areas of your life that fill you with inspiration and much needed desire. 
 Capricorn or Capricorn Rising: December 22 - January 19
Ganesh reared its head this week for you Capricorn as you’ve found yourself coming and going a little more harried than usual. Give this elephant-god a chance to help you this week as you need a few boulders removed from your path. Turning the word obstacle into the word boundary is the path you get to explore. Charging into your most potent path with the obstacle-removing-elephant-god will have you feeling powerful. 
 Aquarius or Aquarius Rising: January 20 – February 18
The Ace of Cups in the Tarot deck generally speaks to our emotional waters, and helps us check for stagnation or flow. Consider this grand water card yours this week as you clear the watery depths and find yourself flowing with love, desire and determination again. It is a beautiful thing when our intentions start paying off. You are really rocking it lovely Aquarius. Keep that watery sparkle!
 Pisces or Pisces Rising: February 19 – March 20
Baba Yaga has always gotten a pretty bad rap in fairy tales. However, in Slavic stories she is the wild woman or dark lady of magic. One wonders why we wish to consult the old crone at all yet sometimes we need to hear the whole truth from someone brave enough to share it with us. We also have to be brave enough to ask.  Who is your wild guide Pisces? Do you have a question you finally feel ready to ask?

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