Zodiac in Translation

March 2019

In the Landscape of Transition, Uranus and Mercury—A New Moon. 

 The world falls and picks itself back up, over and over. 

As I sat down to write a missive to my lovely friends and clients on this day of major celestial change, an earthquake rocked my office in this desert outpost of Moab, Utah. As folks poured out of their offices, and text messages lighted up my phone, we were, for a moment pulled out of our routines, our typing, scrolling, surfing, perusing, engaging, daydreaming, and funneled into one moment together, the moment that came out of the blue, unexpectedly, without our control, without warning, and reminded us of the shifting world. On March 6, Uranus finally lands in Taurus to stay for a sojourn of 8 years. Uranus is currently in the critical degrees of Aries (29) and creating a small storm of frantic thinking and unrest. Expect change might be the mantra these next couple of days. If your world rocks, give a high five to this planet, cause it is doing its job. Is your personal world feeling fraught with low or even high level unrest?  How do we make sense of these unexpected, curve ball-ish experiences anyway? Uranus won’t necessarily bring us change for any other reason than to know what CHANGE feels like. And to remember the significant role change plays in our lives. 

The world falls and picks itself back up over and over. 

 Simultaneously, Mercury retrogrades into Pisces on March 6.  I can already hear the conversations unfolding until Mercury turns direct on March 28. Sensitivity will abound. I have taken to working my dreams. What is Mercury’s conversation with Pisces anyway? Mercury wants to share information, talk, communicate, socialize, and bounce from flower to flower, spreading and pollinating the message. Pisces craves the oceanic world of metaphor, archetype, dream-speak, soul stuff, unconscious and past life. 

 A new friend, writer and dream worker has taken me on a deep dive journey through a series of dreams. We spent two hours recently journeying through dream motifs, trying to find patterns in this metaphorical chaos. I think this is the epicenter of the upcoming retrograde, trying to find a language that will unlock what lies hidden, or has remained unconscious. I heard Liz Greene talk about Pisces as a sign that doesn’t inherently touch language. How do you find a way into a landscape so wholly non-verbal? Liz Greene seems to doubt we can even approach Pisces through language. However, when we consider that language is the tool for communication, perhaps we expand our communication efforts in trying to build a lexicon, a personal dictionary of communication tools that expand out beyond words and verbs. Mercury will try its hardest to find a way to meaning. Is there an experience at a soul level you need to communicate? What are your methods of communication? Do you need, like me, to ask your dreams for more information, more clarity? What does your current vision of your life look like? How muddy is it? How clear? What would make your vision sparkle? Is it time to work with an old motif, dream or otherwise that appears regularly in your life? When language fails us, what can we do?

I hesitate to give you a simplistic list of retrograde activities, however, I would urge you to pay just a bit more attention to the nightly theater. See if there is a string, a strand, a small clue that will help understand the world and your inner life a little bit better.