Zodiac in Translation

May 2019


Aries or Aries Rising: March 21– April 19 

Rock star author Jeannette Winterson says that our stories are written on the body.What is the story you are writing Aries? How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Can you make small changes that reveal newfound paths to sustainability? If your dreams have you digging in new soil both realistically and metaphorically you are certainly on the right track. When we remember our bodies we remember key parts of ourselves. This will be your mantra, as you recently discovered your internal fire. Your directive is to get this fire into action to kick-start a much-needed project. 

 Taurus or Taurus Rising: April 20 – May 20

 Self-love is a term that gets batted around on every new age street corner these days Taurus, and you should know because you dance around this concept regularly. Thing is, you got this. See, in all your Taurus glory this month, you can afford to open your heart in the one place you’ve closed it—in the one place that actually matters. Conversely you can afford to pull away from areas that don’t serve you and your values. We all know you have a pension for loyalty. Separating the proverbial chaff from the wheat will free you to turn some of that loyalty back to yourself.

 Gemini or Gemini Rising: May 21 – June 21

Do you have a reoccurring dream that consistently presents itself over and over, especially lately Gemini? Freud spent a career analyzing the ethereal images that show up in our dreams night after night. He even tried to create a language by which we could translate these images into our waking lives. This month we are looking at both your night dreams and daydreams. What do these dreams tell you about yourself? Why have you been holding back? What do you want to say? Keep a journal by your bedside this month. You are the translator of your reality!

 Cancer or Cancer Rising: June 22 – July 22

Although you can be shy Cancer, this month you’ll receive some much-deserved attention from your community. The metaphor of walking a tight rope is particularly apropos for you given the precision and directness of your current life path. On the one hand this has been deeply challenging, but on the other hand you’ve gained a significant amount of respect from those around you. You can climb down from that tight rope now, maybe to find another circus trick with a little more breathing room? Take stock of what you’ve learned, the successes you experienced, and most importantly be ready to share your hard won experiences with others. You rock!

 Leo or Leo Rising: July 23 – August 22

 Star light, star bright, the first start I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight. For ages we’ve looked on the first star in the night sky as the one that grants our wishes. Madonna pulled from this infamous rhyme in her song, Lucky Star. There is something of a lucky star in you this month Leo, as you’ve never been clearer about your life’s purpose. Follow your deepest knowing, and allow yourself to shimmer with brilliance. Go outside one evening this month, look into the sky, consider your place inside this radiant universe. 

Virgo or Virgo Rising: August 23 – September 22

Jack Kerouac decided that there was something magical if not mystical about being on the road. He wrote on receipt tape, and rode into the horizon. Dear Virgo, this month’s lessons include, writing, roads and words. How do you talk to yourself? How do you talk to others? A great deal of learning can be done here. This is how I see it, write a letter to yourself this month and let yourself off the hook for all the mistakes you’ve made. Then, radically, shower a great rainstorm of love down onto this imperfect being, you know the kind of rainstorm that opens up the scent of sage in the desert and builds a rainbow in your heart.  

 Libra or Libra Rising: September 23 – October 22

 In Terry Tempest Williams book When Women Were Birds she tells us: We are Fire. We are Water. We are Earth. We are Air. We are all things elemental. The world begins with yes. Let these essential lines trickle into your life this month Libra. You are in a search of place, home and belonging. Rely on your relationship to nature. Look outside the window of your bedroom each morning for the call of something wild, a yearning for the natural world that registers as nutrition. This kind of intimacy with your surroundings will satisfy a once inexplicable yearning. 

 Scorpio or Scorpio Rising: October 23 – November 21 

Paris has been in the hearts and minds of the world of late Scorpio so it stands to reason that we remind you of the thing that Paris does for us when we are there. It reminds us of small pleasures and everyday delights that bring us joy. This month you will contemplate your relationship to the sensual world and how to bring more satisfaction to your partner, or loved one. It is said that the word communionspeaks literally to breaking bread together. Where shall you take your lover out this month? Consider this your primary directive. Put the phone away, delay getting back to a client. Look your lover in the eye.  

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising: November 22 – December 21

David Whyte tells us in his book the Three Marriages that we have three distinct conversations that go on simultaneously: one with ourselves, one with our work and one with our relationships. He speaks of striking a balance with all three of these in order to feel whole. This is where you’ll focus this month Sag. You may have new and exciting commitments at work that seduce you into staying an extra hour or two at the office. This new love of work is wonderful and something to celebrate but remember to exercise, eat dinner with your loved ones and work smarter for optimal life bliss! 

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising: December 22 - January 19

Dear Capricorn, consider going to a museum this month and spending an hour or two in front of your favorite work of art. What does it feel like when you tune to something original, creative, possibly even non-conforming? Remember how creative you are, and how much you value beauty in all its forms? Why did you lose sight of the deepest underpinnings of your happiness, that of being a creative force in the world? Where can you re-assert your originality? Where does your vision matter? What are the building blocks of your artistic expression?

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising: January 20 – February 18

The word lineage might pop up for you this month Aquarius. You may even find yourself thinking about those who have paved the way for you to get where you are today. Who are your role models? Can you name your heroes? You are building something extraordinary! Build in the memory of a predecessor, take up the legacy of a loved one, line the pavement with the names of the greats, remember the collaboration, and bolster your purpose with gratefulness. 

Pisces or Pisces Rising: February 19 – March 20

For one human being to love another,Rainer Maria Rilke says, that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks…the work for which all other work is but preparation. Indeed dear Pisces the nature of love has you befuddled this month. You thought you could intellectualize it, take it down to its working parts, and come up with some grand explanation. Your humble task this month is to release the brain from its pension for answers. It might surprise you what the heart might to tell you when it knows it won’t be met with critical judgment. 

Books referenced in May’s Horoscope

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  2. On the Road, Jack Kerouac

  3. When Women Were Birds, Terry Tempest Williams

  4. The Three Marriages, David Whyte

  5. Letters to a Young Poet, Rainer Maria Rilke