The Moon as Embedded Desire

Quietly while you were asleep
The moon and I were talking...

With the new moon today in Gemini I feel inspired to share more about our relationship to the moon and to our respective natal moon signs. Some of us with moon-heavy charts can relate to being emotionally sensitive, history-obsessed and intensely nostalgic. Each one of us HAS a moon placement in our natal birth charts and each one of us has a moon sign that can reveal among other things what makes us feel secure and emotionally met. 

The moon in classic archetypal astrology is interpreted in simple terms as the symbol of our emotional landscape. Our natal moon sign is literally an informational map that helps us understand our personal emotional nuance. In the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairly tale, the Princess and the Pea we learn from the story that the true princess is revealed because she could feel and identify the reason she couldn’t sleep the night through. This meant she was sensitive enough to feel a pea hidden down below layers of mattresses. Of course fairly tales can have many interpretations but I see our emotional wellspring as that of the pea, hidden and embedded. To reveal what makes us authentic and able to rest well and sleep we need to name the thing/things that cause us unrest (insecurity), or rather name the things/things that GIVE us rest (security).

We all have a history full of reasons we don’t feel secure or can't seem to get our emotional needs met. Understanding our natal moon sign can help us find markers and information along the way. What might your moon sign reveal about what makes you feel secure/insecure? What might your moon sign reveal about what set of needs you have or value? What special moon-coat do you wear that makes you a different emotional creature than your partner, lover, friend, mother, father, sibling, and employer? What would it mean to know yourself a little better, emotionally so that you can help your friends and family interpret the unique emotional language you speak?

I will never forget the day I received a  full astrological reading and my astrologer told me that my moon was in Gemini. She said the moon represented my emotional landscape, and Gemini was the communicator of the Zodiac. You have a deep desire to communicate your feelings or to talk them out, she said. I was quite struck by this, as I do NEED to talk to make sense of my emotions (as many of my friends and family will attest). But not everyone does NEED to talk. Another person may have the need to spend time alone, or to dance it out, write it out, pound it out, sleep it out…
I encourage you to run and get your chart! Where is your moon? What sign is it in? What house is it in? An Aries Moon might begin a search for the proverbial pea through the word, self-sufficiency. A Taurus Moon might start with the word security itself and how that word changes over time and the role it plays in decision-making. A Gemini Moonwill have to contend with all things communication and Cancer Moon won’t leave the conversation until she fully understands what it means to nurture and be nurtured. Leo Moon’s will have to ponder when and where to release their bright light without feeling under or overexposed and Virgo Moons pound the pavement looking for recipients who honor their drive to work and serve. Libra Moon's are great collaborators and take the mediation role seriously, whereas Scorpio Moon's measure the universe by its layers of truth and intensity. The Sagittarius Moon will be confronted with what they know to be true and how they might actively defend that knowing. Capricorn Moon's will have to undress their deep-seated desire to control and when controlling is apropos and when it is not. The Aquarius Moon will always feel an impulse to do things differently from the masses, and this will sometimes be the key to success or at other times lead to a feeling of being outside the tribe. Finally the Pisces Moon will encounter sensitivity itself and how to work with this kind of sensitivity as a path to deepening the soul.