The Great American Eclipse: A Survival Guide

Can you imagine what it must have felt like for the ancients when the sun, giver of life, went dark when it wasn’t supposed to? In traditional astrology eclipses have generally symbolized omens and have been known to portend impending doom. As we have now evolved through the age of enlightenment we know so much more about how eclipses actually happen but are still fascinated, especially when they happen in our own backyard. It's quite extraordinary, America is gearing up to focus on something NOT political, which in my book sounds like a reprieve! 

As I have been contemplating this eclipse and reading up on all the material the aspect that resonates most for me is this: Eclipses, metaphorically can be seen as small rocket blasters propelling us forward in the direction we want to go. If we KNOW which direction we want to go we can use this energy to get a leg or two of the journey under our feet. If we don’t we may find ourselves moving toward meltdown. We get to have some control over where we want to shine, whom we want to shine with, IF we want to shine, and for what purpose. Getting clear pre-eclipse is the key. It occurred to me that WHERE we see the eclipse is just one part of the experience. How we use the eclipse can be the other part of that equation--using the propelling energy to secure a direction or intention.
Eclipses come in pairs so today we usher in the lunar eclipse in Aquarius and of course see its partner in crime, the total solar eclipse in Leo on August 21st. I like to see this set of eclipses as the Wizard of Oz and Dorothy, respectively. We may start this month hidden behind the curtain, observing, taking the long game but come August 21st and for some months beyond, we are set to go full Dorothy, making friends, locating the proverbial yellow brick road, picking up what we need along the way and blowing off to Kansas because that is where we want to be! Okay, so Kansas may not be where we all want to be but you get the picture right? Click those heels, and set the course. Where do you want to go?
If you have any Leo or Aquarius in your chart chances are you are feeling this eclipse more acutely. Look at your chart and see if you can see any planets in the sign of Leo or Aquarius? Are you a Sun, Leo? Moon in Leo? Venus in Leo like me? Let me know if I can help you interpret. An entire session on how to use this eclipse to chart your direction is very appropriate. 
The Great American Eclipse Survival Guide:

  1. Get your cool eclipse glasses, of course.
  2. Keep the sunscreen around, both literally and figuratively. You may find yourself exposed both by sun and by experience.  
  3. Cool Down! Keep an abundance of ice around both for the heat AND for your personal temper-ature gage. These next few months could get pretty hot under the collar. Have an exit plan of you feel you’re going to blow.
  4. Check your ego in at the door unless it has some really fun and creative (inclusive) play plans.
  5. Embody what you know. Be proud of what you’ve done to earn a level of authority on a subject. Acknowledge that part of yourself.
  6. Eat popsicles.
  7. Drink especially delicious beverages.
  8. Play!
  9. Create! Let go of creative projects that are going nowhere and start something new.
  10. Get a brand new hairstyle.
  11. Go to the theatre. 
  12. Acknowledge the things in your life you are most proud of. If this list includes people, tell them.
  13. Find a swing set and swing your heart out.
  14. If you find that you are not getting enough sun, find a way to get more. If you are in a place where there is too much sun, lie like a lizard in the shade.
  15. This is a time of uber impulsiveness and the a sparky time to  ignite new businesses and projects. Instead of spreading yourself thin, hone your energy for the projects you are most passionate about. 
  16. Focus.
  17. Play music.
  18. Play the fool.
  19. Laugh.
  20. Let the world see your special, one-of-a-kind self.