The French Trio: Mars on the Move

I recently fell in love with this story and was excited to share it with you. In the late summer of 1938 three young, French nationals, Genevieve and Bernard de Colmont and Antoine de Seynes arrived in the U.S. to take their kayaks down the Green and Colorado Rivers (a feat that had never been done before). This French Trio brought with them state-of-the-art kayaks, cameras, camping gear and because they didn't trust American water--all the beer they could muster. This was no small feat as they would have to row down 900 miles of sometimes very rough water.  Last night I attended a screening of the documentary film (Voyagers Without Trace)  about this extra ordinary story at the John Wesley Powell Museum in Green River, Utah. What inspires a trio living in Paris, France to not only think up an idea, but prepare, dream, prepare, dream and then to actually make it happen?

This newsletter comes to you fresh off a new moon in Leo, and with Mars now at zero degrees Sagittarius barely out of its long foray and retrograde in Scorpio. Okay, I am just going to say it. Have any of you been eddying out the last few months? I mean seriously eddying out, feeling like you're  going downstream only to find yourself caught in a swirl that literally sends you back up the river only to catch a rapid down stream thinking that NOW youre moving only to, yes, catch the current back up making progress frustratingly annoying? Yep, me too. Now with Mars FINALLY on its way and moving we can gain some momentum.
What are your tools? It is time to make up for lost ground. What’s your proverbial kayak, camera, sleeping bag? Be prepared this month to find yourself in bigger water than you're used to but consider this a good thing,
My own thoughts go to Geneieve de Colmont who turned 22 years old on this adventure. A strong woman, fearless, rowing her own boat and not a passenger in her own life. And, once she put in there was literally no where to go but downstream. Prepare, point the boat down river, and dear friends let yourself go.