The Etymology of Desire

I finished my last day with the Sundance Film Festival on February 12th and by February 17th my car was packed and I was ready to spend a month on the road meeting friends and clients old and new. I just left Moab and am currently in Denver and Boulder until next week when I drive down to San Diego and L.A until mid-March.
On my trip to Denver (with major stops at the Glenwood Springs post-rock-slide blockades) the Moon and Jupiter kept me grand company. Got me thinkin’ about the current conversation between Saturn in Sagittarius and the South Node/Chiron in Pisces.
Think of this conversation as a passionate art talk about the manifestation of dreams/desires. When we call up the etymology of the word desire from the Latin de sidere it literally means from the stars or awaiting what the stars will bring.
I see this constellatory time as fertile ground for the dream to find manifestation. Getting these two bad boys to work in tandem is the key. Saturn works hard to incarnate and Pisces keeps vigil on vision.
The proverbial master of clay, Auguste Rodin was a great example of vision turned to manifestation. The poet Rainer Maria Rilke wrote of Rodin this way in a letter to his wife Clara Rilke:
…You see, Rodin has lived nothing that is not in his work. Thus it grew around him. Thus he did not lose himself; even in the years when lack of money forced him to unworthy work, he did not lose himself, because what he experienced did not remain a plan, because in the evenings he immediately made real what he had wanted during the day. Thus everything always became real. That is the principal thing – not to remain with the dream, with the intention, with the being-in-the-mood, but always forcibly to convert it all into things. As Rodin did. 
Because what he experienced did not remain a plan…

Where are you on the scale of desire/dream manifestation with 1 representing the plan still floating in the ether and 10 representing the plan already incarnated and moving freely in the real world?

Manifesting a vision is much like the birth process. Are we willing to labor for our plan? What stage of labor do are we currently in? What real steps in the real world in the bright light of the sun are necessary to feel that we've succeeded? 

Please let me know if you want to work on the manifestation of a vision. This is exactly the kind of coaching work I am interested in. 

Below is a little poem from my own half-incarnated plan to write a book of poems based on the work of Auguste Rodin. Time to see this through folks!!

 Fallen Caryatid Carrying
They think I simply bear the weight of courtyard
talk like any good girl would, with silence.
They think I don’t see them catch my
burnished body in its soft contortion
only to claim it a pose of pity.
A girl taken down by a block of stone.
I do not open my eyes.  I alone
know the reason for infinite sitting.
What happens when you listen to a stone
for a bronze age?  You finally make out
its language.  Each weighty measure and tone
so paradoxically soft—what’s not known
is that I am poised to stand and shout
that I have found my name. That I am home.