Reconsidering the Mirror: A Podcast

Yesterday I had a deliberate conversation with Seattle based Astrologer and Wellness Alchemist Stephanie Gailing on the topic of mirroring. We recorded this conversation and turned it into a podcast for our lovely friends and clients. See the link below:

Are you someone who mirrors another person so well that it renders you invisible? How do we mirror constructively? Are you comfortable shining your light into a room? What brand of luminosity (the moon or the sun) do you use to render yourself visible? The moon needs the sun to make itself seen. Does your light come from others? The sun bears its own light and shines into a room without apology. Are you comfortable shining this way? What is your relationship to the ego? If we continually reflect another's authenticity and beauty back to them, could this be considered a relationship of equality? What does interdependent reflection look like in relationships? Does intimacy simply mean the willingness to be seen?

I hope that this topic intrigues some of you in the way it has intrigued me these last few days. I am grappling with all these questions myself, trying to figure out the most constructive ways to use the subtle but potent tool of mirroring.