Radical Kindness

I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying the array of your traditions throughout this holiday season. If you are where there is snow I wish you warm beverages and slow burning fires, and if you are where it is warm I wish you iced drinks with delicious fruits.
As Mercury currently retrogrades through Capricorn it skirts the opposing archetype/sign of Cancer and has me thinking about radical kindness.
Radical kindness is the social reciprocity theory that basically states that we treat others as we are treated. But what is kindess? Is it being nice? No, I would say that niceness is without the gorgeous boundary-nutrition of Capricorn and may look like the sacrifice of self for others to be happy. Radical kindness attempts to fold the self back into the equation paying equal attention to self and other. In this way radical acts of kindness are abundantly possible. Strong-boundaried Capricorn helps us understand where our borders lie while soft, empathy-rich Cancer delivers wonderful and meaningful gifts of love.
The Dalai Lama (a beautiful Cancerian) says it this way: This is my simple religion. NO need for temples NO need for complicated philosophy. Your own mind, your own heart is the temple. Your philosophy is simple kidness. 

Can we forgive when we never thought we would, ourselves or others? Do we have that one extra ounce of energy to help another because we have taken care of our own needs? When we whisper I love you to a loved one do we offer the same sentiment to ourselves in return? Where can we offer radical acceptance in a way that changes the course of our lives and disrupts age-old ways of doing things. In a world where virtual likes are our dopamine, what does true friendliness look like? Are we as interested in a smile to our friend who is in front of us as the smile emoji coming in from our screen? What is it like to be human with human needs in a world where the virtual reality seems safer? Where can we feel the simple love of human contact in our everyday lives? 
I found a list of kindness-clues online (web-words of Jeff Haden): 

We are: 
Generous with praise
Generous with patience
Generous with privacy
Generous with opportunities
Generous with the truth
Generous with love
Generous with independence
Generous with respect

Dear loved ones. As I travel through this holiday season I will be looking for a view of my own humanity in its simplest forms and trying my hand at kindness in a whole new way. I hope this for you too.