New Moon + Uranus in Taurus: Let's Break this Down

It is the new moon in Taurus today and I have spent the last week trying to figure out what to write about. Today is extra special because Uranus is starting its first day in Taurus after having been away for 80 years! Many of my clients and friends already know about this. All you have to do is google Uranus in Taurus and you will get a wealth of information on this significant, astrological event.  I promised to deliver a message to your door every new moon this year and so I've been rushing to my computer only to stare at the screen unable to find words, feeling tired, wanting to sleep. When a planet reaches what astrologers call its critical point at 29 degrees (which is where Uranus was yesterday and today), right before it changes over to another sign (in this case from Aries to Taurus) you actually MAY feel it. Think about it, Uranus is going from 8 years in FIRE to a new relationship with EARTH. I have had to laugh, like I kept backfiring, trying to fire back up and then just falling sleep.  The only thing I wanted to talk to you about was whether or not you were feeling it too? 
One thing to remember with this new and significant event is that it has just started. It is exciting in a new way, however it has 8 years to reveal itself. We will be talking about it for a while. What seems important right now is how to bear its initiation. Fire and Earth are so different. Aries, initiating, Taurus, stabilizing.
Taurus, the sign of the bull, ruled by Venus and an earth sign, who watches over my money, my resources and what I value is in a brand new relationship with Uranus, the planet of CHANGE. So we might say that Uranus wants to bring change and revitalize things that Taurus tends to care about:
My Money
My Resources
Food and Food Sources
Women and Women’s Bodies
Women and the Beauty Industry
Women in General
Animal Husbandry
The Beauty Industry
Value Systems (Money Systems)
The Meaning of Security
Creative Expression
Trends in Beauty
Quantity over Quality
And why might these two have some trouble getting used to each other?  Well think about it. Does Taurus change easily? Its very nature is one of reliability and stability. Think about this in relationship to our money systems, housing trends, food and shelter. With Uranus in a feminine sign now that is ruled by Venus I think we will see a major change in standards of beauty and women’s bodies. We already see this from high school girls calling out dress codes for being sexist or Kristen Stewart taking off her high heels at the Canne Film Festival to rebel against a rule that prohibits women from wearing flat shoes.
So, on this day of the New Moon in Taurus and the first blush of Uranus in Taurus, how do you want to play? Given what Taurus represents, where do you want your change to come? Would you rather be in control of that change rather than shocked into it? What is your current relationship to your resources, your money, and your value system? Do you know where your food comes from? Do you grow a garden or take part in a CSA? Are you willing to expand your view of beauty? Do you ever let the role of security dictate your chance at risk taking or adventure?
 Taurus New Moon Journaling:  

  1. What is your relationship to money?
  2. Are you willing to unravel your current definition of beauty?  What is beautiful to you?
  3. Where can you step out of your comfort zone?
  4. What is your relationship to sharing? Bartering?
  5. Does your relationship to security and stability further your happiness or hinder it?