New Moon in Capricorn: Dedication and Devotion

Drawn to yet an older headstone, I note the word Devouement carved diagonally on the border. I ask Alain what it means.
                                    --Devotion, he answers, smiling

I have returned part-time to the book world, taking a position at our local bookstore. My hybrid interests have me dividing my time between the penned and the planetary. Patti Smith’s new book Devotion came into the bookstore recently and I immediately bought it and read it in an evening. Implicit in the book is the question of why she writes. Patti Smith in my mind, a committed writer soars beyond the literary into the realm of devoted artist. In astrological terms there is a conversation building around devotiondedication and commitment. If the seeds of our labors have held a measure of integrity we may start to see our efforts gain steam and pay off. Conversely, if we’ve sown seeds of non-integrity we may be experiencing a little proverbial bite in the ass or finding ourselves taking responsibility for shoddy life choices.
It is time to consider our paths of devotion. We are now looking to the long haul, the messy business of living day to day toward a goal, the building of ground and roots, and the forming of bonds that matter. Where do you want to devote your time? What can you let go? What has become superfluous? If you only had a certain bandwidth, where would you make cuts, and where would you focus? Think of Capricorn as the proverbial crucible, burning off impurities to bring our intentions to firm ground. Shadow side of Capricorn tends to reveal where we feel stuck. Where we have overcommitted.  Where we feel trapped and what feels sluggish in our bodies and minds. 

Consider this New Moon Mantra: Find a quiet space, pull out your journal, take to your back porch, garden, hallway, chaise lounge (bring the sexiest pen you own). Brew a cup of grounding tea. Shake out the burrs of obligation. Let them fall to the ground as food for the earth. They are not needed by you anymore. Choose solitude for an hour and meditate on the following statements and questions: 

I am committed to ____________ even when it feels difficult. This measure of devotion requires this set of tools __________________.  What is my relationship to time? How do I recognize success? Which commitments am I ready to let go? Do I know the difference between commitment and obligation? Which obligation am I ready send down the road?