Love is in the Air

The word on the Astro-Street this month is the Venus retrograde in Leo from July 25th until September 6th. Think of this retrograde as a time to reflect on love, relationships, money, desire, beauty, and creative expression. I wanna send a shout-out to Tamara and Clair Zollinger who happen to be my parents and who currently live in New Zealand. I had a conversation with them today that showed me how far their love extended irregardless of their values or beliefs. In these times when WHOM we love is at the forefront of the country's psyche, it is time more than ever to have honest and real conversations with each other about HOW we love. Can we love in spite of our value differences? If so what does that conversation look like? Believe me I am not a textbook example of how to love but feel more ready than ever to have this conversation with myself.

Thought a little John Paul Young & Milk & Sugar would help us get even groovier about this love thing:
This retrograde will also square the indomitable Saturn in Scorpio peppering our love experience with words like transformation and intensity. How can we transform the way we love? What must die in us so that we might love more deeply?
Have you ever asked someone what your love feels like to him or her? I asked some of my closest friends/family recently and got very different answers. I discovered that my brand of loving includes both loyalty and commitment, but also unconscious wall building and territorialism. 
Where does our love hit a wall?
How can we shine our love more brightly?
What sign does Venus occupy in your natal birth chart? What does this tell you about your brand of loving? If you don't know how to identify your Venus in your birth chart send me an email! Better yet, let's have an entire session geared around this aspect of your chart. Either way, I always want to hear from you. 

Consider the offering below a collection of love letters from Venus to each of you.
Venus in Aries: I am direct and have bold intentions. Independence is appreciated but interdependence is the cosmological nut I am trying to crack. It is important to me to get the self-love thing down before I figure out how to love others. 

Venus in Taurus: I like to wine and dine. I love beauty for beauties sake. I am steadfast and loyal and take love quite seriously. I don't just want the one-night stand, but coffee and eggs the next morning and maybe many mornings thereafter. 
Venus in Gemini: Give me your brain first, and let me poke, prod, and suss out all your interesting facts along the way. Allow me the curiosity to ask you questions and get to know you through bright-eyed conversation and whimsical winks and nods. I will tell you this: that if you don't have the same spirited curiosity for me in return our love won't last long.
Venus in Cancer: Take me home and make me a grilled cheese sandwich and lie next to me for hours. In fact let’s stay in bed all weekend and watch tv. When you love me you love my family and all my friends and every ripple that touches me. Loyalty and sensitivy are key.
Venus in Leo: As William Blake puts it, I converse with the spiritual sun. My love lives above ground for all the world to see. I take a special kind of pride in those I love and couldn't be happier when art and creativity fall into the mix. Let's spend our time in art galleries and walking through creative cities both virtual and real. 
Venus in Virgo: I am not as critical as you think I am, its just my intense curiosity about you--the way you tick and all the details of what make you, you. I promise I will work hard at love. I won’t give up easily. If you will allow me to serve you well, the smile I beam in response will be a measure of how I feel about you. 
Venus in Libra:. Yes, I have a few rules that I wish everyone would follow. Love is not something to take for granted. I have the highest ideals and a golden heart but allow me to tell you how love looks to me. I shine more brightly when I can rely on my relationship to support me. I feel that I know love by its symmetry, taste and feel.
Venus in Scorpio: I only want the most intense experience out of love. My love can be possessive only because I love fully and deeply and will hang with anyone through the bad parts because I fully believe in transformation. Some folks think I am a player, but look at me more closely. Ultimately my eagle eyes seek ONE other that I can devote my abundant attention to. 
Venus in Sagittarius: I want to fall in love with your ideas, with what and how you think. Let’s travel the world together and think and learn and live with adventure and excitement. I am generous and want life to feel like a grand feast. If our love feels limited it is only because we have not set our sights high enough. 
Venus in Capricorn: I want to succeed at love. I want to put in the time and strength necessary to build the right foundation with those I love. Over a long arc of time, only then can we truly measure what my love feels like. Like good wine, time makes my love more robust. 
Venus in Aquarius: Ours will be a personal and transpersonal love. I love the one and the many all at once. Through my personal observation of love I can learn through trial and error how to love better. I am not opposed to putting love under a microscope to understand it a little more fully!
Venus in Pisces: I use rely on the mediums of music, dance, poetry and even spirituality to express my love in the world. Transcendence is the goal. Love is simply the merging of the one into the whole. Don't make me break it down into logic, but rather let me show you its circular language.