Jupiter in Scorpio: Intimacy Intensified

We are a day away from Jupiter ending its yearlong journey in Libra and moving into Scorpio for its commensurate yearlong stay. Collectively we’ve been in relationship territory, taking on more than one type of collaboration. Pushing off from Libra, we now move into the deeper part of relationships, intimacy. Jupiter, the great amplifier of the Zodiac will be expanding Scorpio's favorite subject in varying aspects of our lives. When we achieve intimacy with someone or something we are asking to understand, empathize and know more deeply. What lies at the heart of intimacy is risk, and at the heart of risk, vulnerability. Brené Brown, a noted vulnerability expert has this to say: 
To love someone fiercely, to believe in something with your whole heart, to celebrate a fleeting moment in time, to fully engage in a life that doesn’t come with guarantees – these are risks that involve vulnerability and often pain. But, I’m learning that recognizing and leaning into the discomfort of vulnerability teaches us how to live with joy, gratitude and grace.  –Brené Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection

Jeannette Winterson in The Passion said, you play, you win, you play, you lose. You play. It’s the playing that’s irresistible. Dicing from one year to the next with the things you love, what you risk reveals what you value

When we dare intimacy we may come up against our own blocks and fears. It may not always be easy, may be painful, but it will expose our courage. This might be the time to ask for help, seek counseling, ask for support, allow the stickier elements of our fear an exit into the light. This time period gives us a chance to finally tell someone how we really feel, to find the pure joy in something or with someone, even to risk showing someone how much love we actually have to give even if they can't meet us there. 

When we consult our astrological charts we can ask this question:  Where would a deeper sense of intimacy benefit me this year? Which area of my life? Which house or houses will Jupiter be transiting during its yearlong stay? 

Many of you know your charts and how to figure this out. Look to see where Jupiter is transiting by house and then consult below to see what that house represents. If you don't know how to find out where Jupiter is transiting in your chart please email me. I can tell you. If you would like a personalized one page written letter ( $30 ) on how this aspect is working in your chart please click here: http://www.sharizollinger.com/services-2/   
Jupiter in Scorpio by House
1st House: Self, Identity, Self-Evolution
2nd House: My Money, Resources. Values
3rd House: Communication, Domestic Travel, Siblings, Neighbors, Learning
4th House: Home, Roots, Ancestry, Personal Life
5th House: Creativity, Children, Play, Recreation
6th House: Work, Health
7th House: Relationships, Bosses, Best Friends
8th House: Other Peoples Resources, Investments, Mysticism, Life, Death and Rebirth
9th House: Foreign Travel, Higher Learning/Education
10th House: Life Calling, Career, Public Life
11th House: Ideals, Goals, Community Involvement, Groups
12th House: Spirituality, The Subconscious, Dreams, Soul