I Follow

I got a FB message a couple of days ago from a friend who wondered what to expect from the skies in September as everything she had heard sounded rather intense. It occurred to me to use her inquiry as a jumping off point for this month’s newsletter, I mean what exactly can we expect from September 2015? 
Also, this month I collaborated with my dear friend Pauline Paris from, yes it’s true, Paris. She is a quintessential chaunteuse playing the streets and bars of Paris with a song for anyone willing to listen. A modern day Edith Piaf, she has incredible original work but was up for recording a rendition of Likke Li’s I Follow Rivers for me. This song has become a sort of soundtrack for me of late and for this newsletter.  You’ll see how it all ties in. Please look Pauline up on her website: www. paulineparis.com and see below for the song. Make sure to click and listen!

Here’s how this month looks: Venus rolled out of Retrograde on September 6, with a Mercury Retrograde rolling in on September 17, which actually happens to be the day Saturn FINALLY leaves Scorpio for good. There is a Solar Eclipse in Virgo on September 12/13 and a Super Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries on the 27/28.
Venus Goes Direct, September 6New Lease on Love
Venus was in retrograde from July 25th to September 6th. This period of time could have been a time of reflecting on past love relationships, healing from break-ups, or reflecting on one’s current relationships. All in all it would have been hard not to be hit by some reflection on the subject of love. Our relationships seem to have needed a good dose of authenticity—daring to be seen no matter what. 
Solar Eclipse in Virgo, September 12/13: Attention to Body and Work
Virgo has its locus in health and work. There might be themes around health and well-being this month. Virgo is meticulous with details, interested in learning, ready to master a subject and interested in practical application. Apply all of this to the body, health and work. You might be tempted toward distraction this month but would really benefit from putting your organizational skills at work. Remember that eclipses may signify endings or beginnings. Contact me if you would like more information about where the eclipses fall in your chart and what information might be gleaned from that inquiry. 
Saturn Shifts to Sagittarius, September 17: Pauline Paris sings I Follow Rivers by Likke Li

Sagittarius may feel like liberation to many of us. Sagittarius also reveals the archetype of the pilgrim, or the awaiting pilgrimage. Where are you going? Who are you going to follow? As Likke Li say’s it: Oh, I beg you: can I follow? Oh, I ask you: why not always? Be the ocean, where I unravel. What road or river excites you? What country calls you? If you are not in a position to actually travel, what perspective shifts are ready to happen? What belief systems don’t work anymore? Where can you activate faith in your life? Where can you have more integrity, intention, and downright righteousness in your interactions with others?