As Long as You Want

A lovely new friend Lauren posted Anne Carson's translation of Sappho's fragment 45 on Instagram this morning and was suddenly the inspiration for this month's newsletter. 

As long as you want...

Let’s imagine that today, someone came up to you, someone you truly admired or loved and said simply, take as long as you want. This might take on many different scenarios, but the thing is: you finally got the permission to prioritize yourself in the midst of all that swirls and demands your attention. During this Sagittarius season, Jupiter’s hand is generous, large and capable. You are being reminded that you can afford to take your time, set priorities that include meeting your basic needs, and tell those around you to wait.  This is not selfishness. This is not naivite. This is survival. Consider the emergency scenario on an airplane when the flight attendant tells you that you need to put on your own oxygen mask before you help those next to you. Why? Because you need to be breathing to help others. 

How have you neglected yourself in the basics? Where are you in judgement of yourself? How does this stunt your growth as a human in the world? Where can you extend more generosity to yourself and in turn to those around you? Where can you relieve some pressure? How can you better prioritize the demands of the world around you?

In the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck the Tower card looks like a tree, struck by lightning and falling down. This tree appeared in my dreams recently falling to the ground in slow motion. The tree needed to come down, decompose and feed the forest floor. ln the dream the falling tree let me know that an old story had just felled. And the new tower, the new story was growing but was young, and in need of yes, time

Dear clients and friends. Have patience right now.  Ask for time. Ask for time. Ask for time. Ask for time (seems all I've been doing lately). Give yourself room. Draw a wide berth. Meditate. Prioritize. Garden. Spend time in flow. Did I say have patience?