Sundance Inspired

I am writing this newsletter late into the evening, after a very busy January. I’ve just finished a temporary but intensive job working for the Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah. It has me thinking about creativity, the creative process and my role as both a creative being and as a passionate advocate/coach for those on the creative path. I attended a panel that consisted of a conversation between Robert Redford and George Lucas about the creative life and the power of story. The conversation inspired me to think about the simple but so often elusive concept of doing what we love.  
There are four planets, Venus, Chiron, Neptune and Mars currently stationed in the sign of Pisces, highlighting the dreamy realms of cinema, photography, spirituality, music, the subconscious, metaphor and vision. With these planets in conversation, sharing the same visionary sign, there are apropos questions we can ask:  What kind of vision do we want to build be it creative or otherwise? What kind of vision are we realizing within our partnerships, our work, our communities, and within ourselves?
Venus in Pisces asks us to realize a vision of something we love to do. This vision starts internally as an image of something that makes us happy. It could be the smallest fragment of a picture, maybe even just a hallway or a certain shaft of light illuminating the path forward. If we can see it, we can work toward it.  
Chiron in Pisces: What needs to be healed for a new vision to emerge?  Like all plans there may be limiting beliefs that make it hard to find a vision and realize it. Chiron asks us to suss out and heal or change the small beliefs that hold us captive.
Neptune in Pisces: Which methods of Piscean healing and creativity will help us move through these limiting beliefs?  Some of these methods may include the Piscean realms of yoga, hypnotherapy, retreat/spa time, past life regression therapy, creative consulting/coaching, dream work, poetry, dance, scriptwriting, film, mood and vision boarding.
Mars in Pisces: What action plan can I take to realize my vision? Mars wants action. There is a time when all the thinking in the world won’t be as affective as taking active steps. Do I see what I want for the future, and once I see it, what steps will I take to realize this vision? As Mr. Andy Warhol says (a true Leo), “Don’t think about making art, just get it done, let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”
What is trending in your chart for 2015? What is the life script you want to write this year? Would you like to have a conscious conversation about how these planets affect your personal experience? The transit astrology chart combined with creativity coaching is a great way to deepen this conversation.